Komilfo Cover Base, 15 ml (without brush)

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BrandKomilfo Type of gelBase CollectionCover Base Type of baseCover (french) Volume (ml)15ml ColorNude
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Komilfo Cover Base is a unique camouflage base-corrector for gel polish, which not only evens out the nail plate, but also camouflages and lengthens the nail bed under the coat and masks all the imperfections of the nail under the color coating without compromising stability.

Camouflage base-corrector for gel varnish tested for stability and in this it is not inferior to a transparent base, suitable even for problem customers.

Komilfo camouflage gel base does not differ from the transparent one in its properties and application technology. It can be applied as a thin layer (according to the classical technology) and by the drip method (according to the technique of strengthening nails and leveling the nail plate). If applied in a thin layer, it will be almost transparent and will not give the effect of camouflage. Therefore, this camouflage base is recommended for the drip method of application. The Komilfo camouflage base-corrector also gives the chance to add the broken corners of a nail or a nail to 1 mm.

The base can also be sawn like a gel, giving the desired shape.


camouflaged. Why do you need a camouflage base-corrector?
- it is more convenient to align the nail plate, as it is better to see the irregularities and shape;
- is an indispensable base for a French manicure. You will be able to lengthen the nail bed, with the cuticle will be a very smooth transition, as in nail extensions;
- when covered with gel varnish on top of the camouflage base with the alignment of even a loose color will be enough 2 layers.

  • stable - the improved formula of the basis provides stability of any gel varnish to 21 days, prevents peeling and chipping. By the stability of the camouflage base is not inferior to the transparent base;
  • thick - gel base can be used as a biogel, it allows you to add broken corners of the nail or nail up to 1 mm;
  • leveling - base-corrector allows you to align the nail plate, make the perfect shape of the nail before coating with a coat or colored gel polish. Due to the camouflage beige-pink color, it is better visible when performed by the drip method. It can also be sanded in front of gel polish;
  • strengthening - the texture of the base allows not only to align the nail plate, but also to strengthen the nails. Before applying the colored varnish, you can remove the sticky layer for better interaction of the gel varnish with the nail plate.
Komilfo Cover Base, 15 ml (without brush)
Type of gel
Cover Base
Type of base
Cover (french)
Color density
Volume (ml)
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Without brush
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Тетяна Совінська
Практична та чудово тримає тріщини
Іноді пече в лампі
Доброго дня. Ця база прекрасна в роботі : жорстка, чудово тримає тріщини. Можна наносити і без підложки звичайної бази. Дуже практична. Можна і слайдери на неї, і стемпінг. Виглядає супер та подобається для клієнток. Але іноді пече в лампі. Напівпрозора
База суперська, в ній все добре!
Перекриває косяки нігтів, добра як під френч (хоча якщо не знімати липкий шар то не дуже зручно малювати френч) так і як основа, а також як самостійний колір...

Сам колір підходить реально майже до всіх нігтиків
Саша Амосова
Отличная база под френч!!!
Подбирала корректирующую базу под проблемные ногти, Komilfo как всегда радует. Под френч, то что нужно, очень рекомендую!!!
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